Meet the Team!

The Bove Lab welcoming our new mascot, Marvel!

Interested in joining the lab?

Please download and fill out the below application and then email it to me with a quick intro message. I often have opportunities for research for credit (BIO 391, BIO 481) that can eventually lead to honors research (BIO 491/BIO 492)! Ursinus also has several paid summer research opportunities that we can discuss!

Current Researchers

Ivy Foster

Role: Undergraduate researcher and 2024 FUTURE Mentor/Summer Fellow

Research Project: The effects of salinity and heat stress on Crepidula Fornicata growth rate

Bio: My name is Ivy Foster. I am currently a senior at Ursinus college studying for my bachelors degree in Biology. I have been dedicated to marine biology research for many years now, and I am always eager to learn new marine facts! I am particularly interested in coral health research. I work with Dr.Bove to explore the health of coral as well as many other marine invertebrates as it pertains to climate change. 

Fun fact: Coral reefs carry a huge monetary value and it is estimated that the protection they provide to fishes equates to the commercial value of over $100 million for U.S fisheries!

Emily Lybashev

Role: Undergraduate researcher and 2024 Summer Fellow

Research Project: The Effects of Microplastic Pollution on Organisms in Local Aquatic Ecosystems

Bio: Hello Everyone! My name is Emily Lybashev. I am currently a junior at Ursinus College studying to get my bachelor’s in biology. I am on a pre-med track, but I am also extremely fascinated with the ocean. My dad is a sailor and a former Soviet marine, and I found a love for marine life through exploring nature with him as a child. I am able to now conduct research alongside Dr. Bove concerning microplastic pollution in our environment. 

Not so fun fact: Every single piece of plastic ever created is still on this earth, 22% of which has found its way into our oceans.

Jay Brown

Role: Undergraduate researcher

Research Project: Coming soon!

Bio: Hello! My name is Jahlay Brown-Gilliam also known as Jay Brown. I’m currently a Sophomore at Ursinus College studying to get my bachelor’s in science. I major in Biology with a minor in Marine Biology. My fascination and love for the ocean and its creatures, started when I was very young. Working with the amazing Dr. Bove is a great opportunity to learn and feed my desire to explore the ocean and its inhabitance. I’m excited for the constant progression of the Marine Ecology Lab and the projects to come.

Kate Lloyd

Role: 2024 FUTURE Fellow

Research Project: Coming soon!

Bio: Hi everyone, my name is Kate Lloyd! I am a rising sophomore at Ursinus College and am set to graduate May 2027. I am studying to earn my bachelor’s in Environment and Sustainability with minors in Biology, and Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation. This is my first experience working in a research lab. I was placed under Dr. Bove and Ivy Foster as a FUTURE Fellow and am eager to learn more about marine life. I have many interests in the field of science, but I am extremely excited to be working with marine organisms. 

Honorary Lab Members


Role: The shy lab dog

Bio: Josie is the senior pup who loves the beach, going to hikes, and yelling at her brother.


Role: The rambunctious lab dog

Bio: Wedge is a classic border collie full of energy. He loves fetch, balls, snacks, and people (maybe too much).


Role: Lab moral

Bio: Marvel is full of personality and loves when new friends come visit the lab!

Past Researchers

Image of student researcher, Angela Jiang.

Angela Jiang

Role: Boston University BRITE researcher (Summer 2022)

Research Project: Bored in a changing climate: the impact of ocean acidification and boring sponge infection on eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) gene expression

Where are they now? PhD Student at the University of Maryland in Dr. Brantley Hall’s Lab.

Audrey Wong

Role: Boston University UROP fellow (2021 – 2023)

Research Project: How does environmental variability shape coral-associated algal and microbial network interactions across spatial and temporal scales

Where are they now? Undergraduate researcher in the Davies Lab at Boston University

Jess McCoppin

Role: Undergraduate researcher at UNC Chapel Hill (2018-2020)

Research Project: Collaborator on Bove et al. (2022) and performed an independent honors thesis

Where are they now? Right Whale Aerial Team Lead. Check out this article featuring their current work!

Liz Farquhar

Role: Undergraduate researcher at UNC Chapel Hill (2018-2020)

Research Project: Collaborator on Bove et al. (2022).

Where are they now? Marine Science Master student at UNC Wilmington in Dr. Bresnahan’s Lab.

Kyle Oliveira

Role: Undergraduate researcher at UNC Chapel Hill (2017-2020)

Research Project: Impacts of global climate change on the skeletal morphology of the Caribbean coral Siderastrea siderea over time (read it here)

Where are they now? PhD student at the University of Maine at the Center for Sustainable Coastal Resources. Read more about his work here!

Bailey Thomasson

Role: Undergraduate researcher at UNC Chapel Hill (2016 – 2019)

Research Project: Examining the independent and combined effects of ocean warming and acidification on the corallite morphology of the Caribbean coral Siderastrea siderea (Bailey’s Honors Thesis was awarded UNC Department of Biology’s 2019 Robert Coker Award for excellence in research – can be view here)

Where are they now? USVI Reef Restoration Coordinator at Coral Restoration Foundation. Check out this New York Times article featuring Bailey!

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