I love talking about coral reefs and my research to a wide variety of audiences. Since it is difficult for many people to get to coral reefs (especially around my inland institution), I am happy to bring a digital coral reef to them! If you are interested in bringing in a coral reef scientist, let me know!

Previous events:

  • I defended my PhD as COVID-19 set in so it was performed virtually. My experience is featured in an iScience article about virtual PhD/Maters defenses during the COVID-19 pandemic by Michelle Muzzio: The Generation of Virtual Defenders.
  • UNC Marine Sciences 50th Anniversary Open Lab Night
  • Scientist Saturday in the Lab at the Durham Museum of Life and Science
  • UNC Science Expo (every spring) as a part of the North Carolina Science Festival
  • High School Environmental Club guest speaker
  • Guest lecturer for several graduate and undergraduate courses

Lesson Plans:

Ocean Acidification – Are Our Oceans Really Turning into Acid?