Dr Colleen Bove

Coral Ecophysiology and Global Change


I am interested in understanding how Scleractinian corals are responding to current and projected global change. My current research uses a variety of techniques to assess how Caribbean reef-building corals may respond under projected acidification and warming scenarios. I implemented a 93-day common garden experiment at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center located in Nahant, MA in the lab of Dr. Justin Ries.

In order to better understand how these four coral species may respond under projected global change, I assessed the following parameters:

  • Coral growth through calcification and linear extension (See publication)
  • Coral host and algal endosymbiont physiologies
  • Gene expression of coral and algal endosymbiont (in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Davies)
  • Skeletal morphology


I am also excited to be assisting Justin Baumann, a postdoctoral researcher in the Castillo Lab, with his reciprocal transplant experiment in Southern Belize in collaboration with the amazing Fragments of Hope organisation. Check out the links below to follow his work!